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JMR Editing is proud to announce the upcoming release of Sky Ranch, a debut novel from talented author, Anne Graf. Look for Sky Ranch in bookstores near you in the fall of 2020.

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Professional Editing Credits:

The Owls of Nui Manu Island

by Michael Streets

Little Maryam

by Hamid Baig

Rise; Birth of a Revolution

by Mark S. Moore

2019 Titles:

Our Gentle Sins

by Hamid Baig

If You're Strong Enough to be a Woman, You're Strong Enough to be a Cop

by Sheronda De'Ann


Personal Publishing Credits:

"Kukulkan's Return"
This story was selected as a 2017 Writer's Games winner and was subsequently published in the Games' anthology. 
"Those Who Rule the Stars"
"Life After Death"
These stories were selected as 2018 Writer's Games winners and will be published in their upcoming anthology.

"The Fall"

The Fall has been published in Tales From the Cliff, an short-story anthology focusing on stories with cliff-hanger endings.

Jessica Morris-Reade is a dedicated bibliophile, who has devoted the majority of her life to the written word. An avid reader and author, she enjoys a wide variety of genres and in her free time, loves nothing more than to sit down with a cup of coffee and a good book. Jessica holds Certificates of Copyediting and Creative Writing from UC San Diego, is a graduate University of Central Florida's Effective Editing Program, and is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in English.

A published short story author, Jessica has won numerous literary awards.

Jessica is also a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

You can view her profile here.

And, for in-depth information on Jessica's professional resume, click here.


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